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In permanent contact with the skin, it is essential to offer products in their most pure form. The line Pure consists only of 100% natural products, made without dyeing or petrochemical process, for the greatest respect of the planet and the skin. A line of products for which we have control over the entire production chain, from alpaca farming to final product labeling.

To offer a truly natural product range, you had to rethink the overall manufacturing process and it started with the thread. This high requirement, in order to achieve entirely natural products, prompted us to surround ourselves with the greatest specialists in alpaca yarn. For this, we had to go back through the entire production chain of our products. After talking with the various craftsmen, factories and spinners, we realized that the only way to work threads without dye or petrochemical products, we had to work directly with the communities of breeders.

The subtlety of the Pure range is found in its threads

Today, to get the best possible quality, we work with 34 farming communities. All based between 4,500 and 5,400 meters above sea level, this is where the best alpaca quality is found. With the help of associations and alpaca specialists, we were able to support the farmers and train them.

Usually breeders sell alpaca fleece after the animal is clipped. Our partner communities are now able to sort and select alpaca fiber by quality, finesse and color. The majority of the fibers are then engineered to transform them into tops, a thick wick of fiber about 10 cm in diameter, before being transformed into yarn. The other part of these fibers, are they, directly spun by hand for the manufacture of some of our plaids, our cushions and our carpets. For these reasons, among the many colors available, the colors: white, camel, nude, light gray, dark gray and chocolate come from this entirely natural process. But we could offer more, here are the 24 natural colors of the alpaca:

We also work another fiber with the breeders, the merino wool. This wool is used to make our Llasa collection, only available in ecru color.

To be responsible is to use what nature gives us but not to take only what we need

The line Pure therefore includes the creation of our own yarns but also our furs. At high altitudes, temperatures vary between 25 ° C during the day and -30 ° C at night throughout the year. In these harsh conditions come the rainy season from January to March. The combination of these extreme temperatures with high humidity is fatal for some alpacas. These isolated families suffer both emotional and financial loss, as alpaca mowing is often the only source of income.

As a result, we decided to put them in touch with the best furriers of the country, in the region of Sicuani to transform these furs. It is from this process that the INNATA fur product line is born. Thus, in April, we know how much fur and color we will have for the next twelve months. If the orders of a color exceed the number of furs available, we will have to wait until the next year, in order to perhaps have the furs in the desired colors.

Nuancier couleurs naturelles INNATA

It is from this process that the INNATA range of fur products is born. So, in April, we know how much fur and what colors we will have for the next twelve months. If the orders for a color exceed the number of available furs, we will have to wait until the following year, in order perhaps to have the furs in the desired colors.

A respectful approach, to limit waste

When it comes to cutting, we use all the optimization techniques to minimize, in line with artisanal practice, fur scraps. Rather than being thrown away, we wanted to develop a range from these scraps. This is how Zorro el osito, the little cub in alpaca fur, was born.

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