TeddyBear in alpaca fur

Composition : Fourrure d’alpaga 100% naturelle

  • 26 x 20 x 10 cm
  • 56 x 45 x 17 cm


The TeddyBear in alpaca fur is one of our timeless creations

At the top of the Peruvian Altiplano lives the alpaca, a sacred animal

Of the 34 pastoralist communities we work with, all are between 4,500 and 5,400 meters above sea level. In this tropical climate, at high altitude, temperatures vary between 25 ° C during the day and -30 ° C at night throughout the year. All the more, in these harsh conditions come the rainy season from January to March.

The combination of these extreme temperatures with high humidity is fatal for some alpacas. These isolated families suffer both emotional and financial loss, as alpaca mowing is often the only source of income. As a result, we decided to put them in touch with the best furriers of the country, in the region of Sicuani to transform these furs. It is from this process that the INNATA fur product range is born.

Alpaca fur, a precious material

Plaids, rugs, cushions … To make these Innata objects, nothing would be possible without the alpaca fur. But this precious raw material is not always used in its entirety. Our craftsmen and designers imagine new solutions to reduce and value falls.

Our craftsmen carefully examine and sort skins as soon as they arrive in the workshops. Their color and their density will indeed coexist in the object, define its daily use, make it want to adopt it for life. We use, when the cutting stage comes, all the optimization techniques to minimize, in line with the artisanal practice, the falls. This is how Zorro el osito, the little bear in alpaca fur, was born.

We craft each Innata teddy bear by hand with love and care. Each piece is unique, so there are no two identical cubs. The alpaca fur does not contain lanolin, which makes all our cubs without risk of allergy. The teddy bear is the perfect choice as a gift, it will make your child the best cuddles in the world, after those of his parents obviously.

Details of the TeddyBear in alpaca fur :

Made of 100% natural alpaca fur
Weight & Dimensions ~ 720g (56x45x17cm) / ~ 100g (26x20x10cm)
Two colors are available: Camel & white

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26 x 20 x 10 cm, 56 x 45 x 17 cm



Pictogramme de Mr et Mme Innata


The creation of timeless products implies an exceptional material, itself enhanced by the know-how of the best weavers of our time. The ethical process that we have developed puts the alpaqueros in the center so that they become the beneficiaries of the treasure they have cultivated for centuries.

Process respectueux de l'homme - Innata


Pushing the limits of sustainable luxury in decorative textiles, we preserve the heritage by relying on the various know-how present in southern Peru and give power back to alpaca breeders.

Alpaga doux et naturel - Innata


The natural habitat of the alpaca is the Andean Altiplano, located between 4,000 and 5,500 of altitude.

It is around 25 ° C during the day and up to -20 ° C during the night. Alpacas survive these extreme conditions thanks to a thick layer of naturally thermoregulating and breathable down, ideal for facing the cold Andean cold and not suffocating under the heat of the sun.

Montagne Transparent Pérou - Innata


We select and treat with care, the highest quality fiber among thousands of alpacas of the Altiplano, with the greatest respect for the animal, the environment and the men who work for the greatest pleasure of its users.

Fil alpaga - SOfter than cachemire


Alpaca babies are born with a delicate layer of down. They will be shorn from their first moult, when they enter adulthood, at the end of their second year.

Of a unique softness, we exclusively use this quality, the baby alpaca.