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The Innata custom rug

The custom carpet is the realization of a dream knows only one limit, that of the imagination.

For the ultimate in design luxury, let us bring your ideas to life with our custom made rugs. Our craftsmen and designers are there to listen, converse and transcribe a desire. Little by little, the dream takes shape, takes shape, it becomes sketch, plan, model. The teams select exceptional materials, refine the design, perfect the prototype. Then comes the time for production, your personalized carpet or carpet will be carefully finished with the care and expertise of one of our highly skilled master craftsmen. This is how each custom Innata rug is born.

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The Innata custom rug

It only takes a dream …

… So that a creation can be born. It can be a childhood dream, an unusual dream, a dream of a missing object. A dream of your own.

The realization of a dream knows only one limit, that of the imagination. We make all our rugs by hand, in 100% alpaca or 60% alpaca – 40% silk. We will guide you through the various possibilities that are hand-tufted, knotted or woven. Regarding colors, we have a palette of over 200 colors and are able to work from a Pantone code or a RAL code. Finally, we have no limits in terms of size or shape. Innata rugs ignore convention but not custom, never forgetting the creative power of the imagination. The dream becomes enchantment of a moment, joy of a journey, companion of a life.

You dream
Each dream is unique, each carpet made by Innata’s teams too, thanks to the vision of the creative teams, the nobility of the materials and the sure, patient and meticulous gesture of the craftsmen. Requirement of materials, perfection of the line, extreme precision in the details.