Sunset rug

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The carpet is entirely handmade using the tuffte technique.

The sun is made up of 60% alpaca and 40% silk.

The shadows of the sun are made of 100% alpaca.

Available dimensions: 130 x 230 cm – 175 x 310 cm and 230 x 405 cm

Weight: 4,500 grams / m2

Delivery times: 6 to 12 weeks

  • 130 x 230 cm


Sunset carpet

Always looking for excellence, INNATA presents its first collection of Alpaca rugs, designed by Gravel & Dust.
The Sunset collection is a design story that revolves around color and gradient; a succession of chromatic evolutions developed in a composite universe of organic forms. Sunset captures the moment when the sun touches the horizon over the ocean.
A design from darkest to lightest and thickest to shortest. Gradations of colors and materials illustrate the radiance of the sun’s reflection on the ocean.

We are constantly trying to expand our capabilities. We create different versions and see how the design elements work together. Simple geometry made up of a circle and a rectangle that mix.

We make the Sunset Carpet entirely by hand, using the tuff technique.
Alpaca (60%) and silk (40%) make up the sun.
The alpaca makes up 100% of the sun’s shadows.

Available dimensions: 130 x 230 cm – 175 x 310 cm and 230 x 405 cm
Weight: 4,500 grams / m2
Customizable in all colors and sizes on request. The manufacturing time is 12 weeks, delivery included.

The designers:
Gravel & Dust is a pair of designers created in 2016 by Constance Gravier and Herbert Staub. The name of Gravel & Dust is a direct translation of their surnames since Gravier means Gravel in French and Staub means Poussière in German.
Inspired by France and Mauritius, Gravel & Dust love the simple things in life in general and that is what they highlight in this achievement.
It must be practical and with a good balance of volumes (obviously), but it must also be timeless and not stuck in a fashion or an era.

This rug is the result of the work of more than 50 people, which reflects the care and attention paid to its manufacture. We carry out all the steps by hand, from the initial drawing to the mowing of alpacas to the application of the non-slip coating on the back of the carpet.

The alpaca fiber comes from our partner breeders and the exceptional quality silk comes from China. Innata rugs also owe their uniqueness to the fact that we use no machines or chemicals for their manufacture, in order to preserve their authenticity and natural beauty.

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130 x 230 cm, 175 x 310 cm, 230 x 405 cm