Royal Alpaca Celestial Manta


Limited edition of 78 models

Dimensions: 150 × 200 cm

Composition : 100% royal alpaca

Delivery time: 2-5 days in the EU
5-10 days in the rest of the world


Celestial Manta in Royal Alpaca

Nature is full of wonders and it is by deciphering the sky that we are moved by this simple, authentic and natural pleasure. The celestial Manta, sapphire blue or beige color, is an abyss, the representation of the Milky Way through the eyes of Innata.

Bold, geometric and colorful, the limited edition Manta Céleste shapes your interior. The ideal plaid to assert your tastes and your personality.

We weave this luxurious plaid in royal alpaca in the purest tradition of the southern Andes. We make them in the Peruvian Altiplano from Baby Alpaca fiber. All our alpacas come from flocks raised according to the traditions of Andean breeding. All with great respect for the living conditions of the animal.
The fleece of the alpaca is thus distinguished by the plurality of its virtues; from the softness of the touch, to the warmth felt while respecting the skin. This naturally shiny material transports you to an incomparable sensitive universe, it is the fiber of the gods.

This Manta Céleste plaid in Royal Alpaga in a limited edition of 78 copies, created by Louisa Levy, allows you to rediscover the simple, authentic and natural pleasure of a communion in the starry reflection of the night.

The Celestial Manta is inspired by tocapus, geometric shapes symbolic of the Andean peoples. They also showcase a millennial heritage rich in meaning and allegory. Indeed, the play between the angles of the different geometric patterns gives an impression of space and relief on several planes. Here we find the vastness of the land of the Andes. It is a metaphor for the intensity of mysterious nature, a source of authenticity and strength that reveals to us as the Incas conceived it.

Royal Alpaga quality is the finest of alpaca qualities. Indeed, this fiber measures 17 microns, it is taken during the first mowing of the alpaca. This at the level of the least exposed part of their fleece, the down in the hollow of their neck. Like all of our collections, this fiber is mowed and then transported by our partner breeders, based between 4.5000 and 5.400 meters above sea level.

Limited edition of 78 copies
Dimensions: 150 × 200 cm

Beige and sapphire blue colors 100% royal alpaca

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Dimensions200 × 150 cm