Fishbone Plaid


COMPOSITION: 100% baby alpaca.
Each product comes with a suitable Innata packaging.
ORIGIN: Imagined in France, spun and woven in Peru
WEIGHT : 516gr
SIZE : 130 x 180 cm



The Baby Alpaca Fishbone Plaid is one of our timeless pieces. Durable accessories, intended to accompany you throughout your life.

In pure baby alpaca fiber, the Fishbone collection comes from our “Innata Essentiels” range, a 100% natural range, produced without any petrochemical process and using fibers from our partner breeders.

This luxurious alpaca plaid is woven in the purest tradition of the southern Andes. We make them in the Peruvian Altiplano from Baby Alpaca fiber. All our alpacas come from flocks raised according to the traditions of Andean breeding, with great respect for the living conditions of the animal.
The fleece of the alpaca is distinguished by the plurality of its virtues; from the softness of the touch, to the warmth felt while respecting the skin. This naturally shiny material transports you to an incomparable sensitive universe, it is the fiber of the gods.

This timeless collection will find its place in all the rooms of the house and will bring warmth, softness and authenticity to your decoration.

The baby alpaca fishbone plaid guarantees respect for your skin, the environment and animals
We have control over the entire production chain of our products, from the manufacturing of our yarns to the final labeling. For this reason, among the 6 available colors, we work 5 without any dyes. Our Black & White, Light Gray & White, Brown & White, Walnut & White and Mocca & White scarves are completely natural. As for the Fuchsia & White scarf, we make it from dyes that respect the skin and the environment according to Oeko-Tex® standards. It is the guarantee of completely hypoallergenic products because the alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin.

The Baby Alpaca Fishbone Plaid is also available in a scarf.

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The creation of timeless products involves an exceptional material, itself enhanced by the know-how of the best weavers of our time. The ethical process that we have developed places the alpaqueros at the center so that they become beneficiaries of the treasure they have cultivated for centuries.

Human-friendly process - Innata


Pushing the limits of sustainable luxury in decorative textiles, we preserve our heritage by drawing on the various skills present in southern Peru and giving power back to alpaca breeders.

Soft and natural alpaca - Innata


The alpaca’s natural habitat is the Andean Altiplano, located between 4,000 and 5,500 altitude.

It is around 25 ° C during the day and down to -20 ° C at night. Alpacas survive these extreme conditions thanks to a thick layer of naturally thermoregulating and breathable down, ideal for facing the freezing Andean cold and not suffocating in the heat of the sun.

Transparent Mountain Peru - Innata


We carefully select and process the best quality fiber from thousands of Altiplano alpacas, with the greatest respect for animals, the environment and the people who work it, for the greatest pleasure of its users.

Fil alpaga - SOfter than cachemire


Baby alpacas are born with a delicate layer of down. They will be mowed from their first moult, upon entering adulthood, at the end of their second year.

Of a unique softness, we exclusively use this quality, the baby alpaca.

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