Our Cushions

The Baby Alpaca we use is a natural material from the mowing of alpacas located between 4,500 and 5,400 meters above sea level, at the top of the Peruvian Altiplano. This fine fiber is recognized for its rarity and its softness in the world of luxury.

The cushions from the Essentielle, Fishbone, Llasa and Pelusa collections are part of the “Innata Essentiels”, that is to say made without any dye or petrochemical process, from fibers exclusively from our partner breeders.

High quality, made of pure baby alpaca or Merino fiber, according to ancestral Peruvian traditions, Innata cushions find their place in all rooms of the house and bring warmth and authenticity to your decoration.

Control over the entire production chain of the brand’s products enables us to certify that the cushions in the following colors are produced without the slightest dye and therefore without the petrochemical process: White, camel, beige, light gray, dark gray, brown, taupe and chocolate. The other colors are made from dyes that respect the skin and the environment according to the Oeko-Tex label.


Like all the products of the INNATA brand, the cushions come from an honest and ecological production cycle, from the breeding and shearing of animals to the finishing of textiles, which leaves a light imprint on the environment. This permanent control over the entire manufacturing process makes it possible to guarantee products that are respectful of the environment, the animal, the person who makes the product as well as the wearer.

Innata is proud of the fair trade standards and ecological working methods implemented. By involving many selected partners, Innata creates ethical work opportunities for Peru and contributes to the promotion of traditional South American ancestral art.