Gifts collection

Specialist in custom-made decoration textiles in alpaca, we work for many 5-star hotels and palaces. The director of one of these establishments, delighted by the plaids offered in her rooms asked us “Why should this exceptional quality be used only in decoration? ” Although our heart belongs to decoration, we have decided to develop a range of gifts for it, intended for its best customers. It was at this time that the first Innata scarves were born.
Since then, scarves have been part of our recurring collections and we have developed the Pure range. A range of 100% natural products, made without dye or petrochemical process for the greatest respect for the planet and the skin. A range for which we have control over the entire production chain of our products, from alpaca mowing to final labeling.

A completely natural gift collection

To rethink the product and make it a natural product, you had to rethink the overall manufacturing process and it started with the thread. This high requirement for achieving all-natural products has made us specialists in alpaca yarn.

In permanent contact with the skin, it was essential for us to offer our scarves in their purest form. For this reason, among the many colors available, white, camel, nude, light gray, dark gray and chocolate are completely natural. As for scarves of other colors such as red, navy blue, orange and black, we make them from dyes that respect the skin and the environment according to Oeko-Tex® standards. It is the guarantee of completely hypoallergenic products.

A respectful approach, to limit waste

The second collection of gifts is the fur bear, which was born from the observation of the use of fur. This precious raw material cannot always be used in its entirety. Our craftsmen and designers therefore proposed new solutions to reduce and enhance all of the furs. When the cutting stage comes, all the optimization techniques to minimize, in line with artisanal practice, falls. Although we minimize them as much as possible, we use these scraps for the making of our Cubs. This is how Zorro el osito, the little cub in alpaca fur, was born.