About Innata

Innata, publisher of custom-made alpaca fabrics, plaids and carpets is part of a reflexive process.

It is in 2012 that the story was born at 3,600 m altitude in the Peruvian Altiplano. The founders of the brand, struck by the cold, remain stunned by observing the lightness and warmth of the plaids worn by women.

It is for them, the discovery of millennial wealth: the alpaca fiber and its many secrets. From the remarkable friendship of the founders to the exceptional finesse of its pieces, the brand meets the exceptions. The founders come back upset, metamorphosed and begin to pool their know-how, their desires and their ambitions.

A few years later, in 2015, they decided to create INNATA, a natural, modern and reasoned brand in which they share their passion for the exceptional qualities of a rare fiber, with the expertise of craftsmen with unique know-how and creating superior products.

The goal is clear: preserve heritage and give power to alpaca farmers to push the boundaries of sustainable luxury in home textiles.

Since then, the brand has been creating products that go back to the origin, with a raw material bought at a fair price. In order to offer its customers the best of this fiber, the baby alpaca, every step of the transformation is controlled by Innata to guarantee products made in the greatest respect of the man who makes and the one who uses.

The origin of a name

When the founders of the brand went in search of the best of alpaca fiber and its secrets, a word emanated from the mouth of the weavers during each exchange: Innata. Thus, the women in charge of the selection and the weaving explained that they knew how to handle this fiber from their birth, it was “Inné” at home. Innata in Spanish or innate in French, this word gave full meaning to the brand that wanted to highlight the people at the origin of its products.

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