Andean symbolics of colours

The colours blue sapphire and beige used for this creation are a reminiscence of a starry sky. In the Inca tradition, the ancestors watch us from the Milky Way, featured here by the lozenges, the crosses and the stars sawn together. Nature holds many wonders to decipher. Looking at the sky, we are deeply moved by this simple, authentic and natural pleasure. The reflection of the Mily Way in this unique item represents what we see of our ancestors. The item is a spelled abyme, the starry sky of INNATA through the look of your ancestors and yourself.

Composition, origin and care instructions

Beige and sapphire blue fibres of Royal Alpaga

100% Royal Alpaga

Dry cleaning only

Dimensions :  150×200 cm

The Alpaca fibre : from Royal Alpaca to Baby Alpaca with style

INNATA plaids are shaped in the Peruvian Altiplano from Royal Alpaca or Baby Alpaca fibres coming from flocks raised according to the rudiments of Andean traditional breeding. Those millenary fibres offer numerous virtues. From the softness of the touch to the heat felt, including the hypoallergenic quality of this material naturally shiny, you will be transported in a sensory universe beyond compare. Ornamented with fringe of generous proportions and with its iconic leather label, this one-size item will reveal the soul of a classic or contemporary interior. Worn on the shoulders, it will provide a well-being feeling to the one who wears it over a top, a sweater or even a suit.



Maison INNATA’s first item is inspired by “topacus”, the geometric symbolic shapes of the Andean people. They embody a millenary legacy, with deep meaning and allegories. The play of angles on the numerous geometric patterns gives an impression of space and depth on several levels. There lays the essence of the immensity of the Andean ground. “Topacus” are a metaphor of the intensity of the always-mysterious nature, source of authenticity and strength. Those symbolic shapes reveal themselves to us, as well as they did for the Incas in their time.

With this first creation, we offer to our customers the chance to rediscover the simple, authentic and natural pleasure of a communion in a starry sky at night, [source of omen and guidance] reminding us that the essence of life is elsewhere…

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