rideaux innata


Curtain Innata comes according to the place in various compositions materials. Curtains top of the range in the natural colors to sublimate the stone, the wrought iron or the wood in an inside of charms.

Compound of 100 % of alpaca, 70 % of alpaca and 30 % Silk or mixed with some cotton Pima, Innata proposes you the best of the Andean fiber. Here are the characteristics of these fibers:


Baby Alpaca: premium Fiber taken from individuals babies at the level of the purest and least exposed part of the neck of the animal as well as the down between legs and custard tart of the animal. The sharpness fiber is between 18,5 and 20.5 microns.

Cotton Pima: the cotton Pima is considered one of the most beautiful cotton mixtures, of superior quality, it is extremely sustainable and absorbing. Of natural origin, he lends itself perfectly to mixtures with the alpaca for curtains.


Silk: the silk confers naturally a sweetness on the affected. The particular constitution of its fibers in fact a very resistant material which gets a sophisticated visual sensation and lends itself perfectly to the mixture with the fiber of alpaca for curtains.

It is because every project is different that INNATA specialized in the custom-made realizations and so to be able to size in the perfection of curtains in Andean fibers. For any information, we are for your service, do not hesitate to contact us.

To satisfy your requirements and your expectations we arrange trends colors of the year. Innata offers to his customers the possibility of developing his own colors and motives.


With these few basic advice for the maintenance and the appropriate care, this luxurious fabric will remain beautiful for years to come.

Brush and inhale (by using the soft brush of the vacuum cleaner) all the dirt of the surface of the fabric, by following the direction of the hair.

To avoid the tasks, opposite liquids must be immediately removed.

Mop any excess of liquid of the surface. Do not rub.

It is advised to use a clean and wet cloth or a sponge (colorless face) to mop delicately the task and remove the task which stays. Do not rub.

A delicate professional dry cleaning is recommended for the firm spots.

Our Andean fibers were tested and determined as being “Very indulgent and easy to maintain”.


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