Tapis luxe alpaga inata


Innata proposes carpets in the design, the colors and forms unique, to give an artistic touch in a dedicated space.

Carpets are hand-made 100 % thanks to the technique known under the name “Hand-tuffed”. Every design is realized in the region of Arequipa, to order the customer. Fibers and used materials are guaranteed 100% natural.

Innata protected from carpets made from fibers 100 % alpaca, 100 % wool of the Andes or the mixture of both fibers. For certain projects top of the range, we are able of proposing you exceptionally a mixture of silk and alpaca.

The use of natural fibersis a way to propose unique carpets. The advantages to have a carpet Innata are the following ones:

– The fiber of alpaca allows a wide range of creative and innovative choice for the conception of unique rooms. Various types of height, textures and colors.

– The resistance of the used fibers guarantees carpets resisting the son of the years without loss of shape or color. These fibers overtake all the performance of the synthetic fiber.

– The alpaca and the wool cleanse the air of the inside of the common pollutants such as the formaldehyde, the nitrogen dioxide and the sulfur dioxide by getting them at the heart of the fiber.

To satisfy your requirements and your expectations we arrange trends colors of the year. Innata offers to his customers the possibility of developing his own colors and motives.


To ensure the natural brightness of your carpet, as well as the beauty and the sweetness of this one, please make sure to follow the plan of maintenance :

Make sure to give to your carpet a regular maintenance in passing the vacuum cleaner at least once a week and more regularly in the zones of high passages.

When it is necessary, a more thorough cleaning will allow you to restore the color and the appearance of the carpet.

A regular maintenance is necessary to eliminate the dirt overlaid inside the carpet. There are numerous methods of in-depth cleaning for carpets high-end, make sure to contract the services of a company specialized in the maintenance and to ask always for references company / customer.