The fiber of alpaca is a silky fiber, sweetly and sustainable that has unique thermal properties due to microscopic bubbles of air that one thinks inside the fibers that they compose the fleece of the animal. The bubbles allow to the fiber to breathe in the moment of the warm days. Of the same way, the fiber preserves the heat in the cold time. Naturally flexible and fireproof matter, the alpaca is estimated for her exquisite hand. Innate proposes a range of spectacular color and of sumptuous textures for a decoration to the natural design and gifts of high range.

Products in alpaca

  • Blankets

    The Innata's blanket is realized in the purest Andean tradition, for an incomparable sweetness for his your interiors.

  • Cushions

    Innata proposes a range of cushions for sublimate the sofá of a natural way, the lovely touch of modern.

  • Curtains

    The Innata's curtains are conceived to reveal the beauty of a piece of a way nature.

  • Carpets

    The Innata's carpet is made of the hand of the Andean expertise skill for sweetness and resistance.

  • Scarves

    The Innata's gifts are especially made for your specials guests.

  • Limited edition

    Innata it is also limited editions of an unique delicacy.

The alpaca fiber, alone or mixed

picto alpaga

The alpaca fibers


Fiber of meticulously selected excellence. Only very few alpacas born with this fiber of exception taken at the level of the neck of the individuals of less than 24 months. The fineness of the fiber is included from 16 to 18,5 microns. This exclusive quality is proposed by a few specialists in Europe of which Innata forms part.

The "Baby alpaca" fiber

Baby Alpaca is a premium fiber taken on alpacas babies at the level of the least exposed and purer part of the neck, and between the legs and the coast of the animal. The fineness is included from 18,5 to 20,5 microns.

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The fiber of alpaca with …


The cotton Pima is considered to be one of the most beautiful mixtures of cotton in the world. Of top quality, it is extremely sustainable and absorbing. His origins rise to his culture in Peru.


The thin Peruvian wool of Highland stems from the crossing of different races of sheeps (Corridale and Merinos) that lives in the Peruvian mountains, to more than 2000 meters over the level of the sea they allow which to produce dry wool but curls and sustainable. This wool is included from 24,5 to 28,5 microns.


The silk confers naturally a sweetness on the contact. The particular constitution of its fibers in fact a very resistant material which gets comfort and does not irritate the skin.



The gratitude of the customers is essential, that is why Innata works exclusively with companies arranging the most prestigious certifications to the world, to guarantee the best internal and external processes of production. So all suppliers answers the legislation and existing ecological all the directives in Europe as well as regulations REACH.

assocation international alpaca

The respect for the animal is placed at the heart of the strategy of Innata. After 2 years of researches, the company is proud to propose products shaped in the biggest respect for the animals from which are taken our fibers. Cropped in the hand with appropriate and fast tools ( specialized electric lawn mowers), the animals of Innata do not suffer. Thanks to the knowledge of the “alpaqueros” (nldr. shepherds of alpacas) which know perfectly the anatomy of the animal and their replacement period for fleece.

The respect for animals and our knowledge is guaranteed by the International A.I.A, the Association of the Alpaca, since 1984.


WRAP Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. Certify ethical, legal and working conditions in the factories of the whole world. The program certifies the respect for the principles relative to the dignity of the workers and the safety and the environmental impact.


OEKO – TEX is an international association of the research institutes and the independent tests centred on the improvement of the safety of the production and the sustainable products in the textile industry