Qualities of the Alpaca fibre

About This Project

The alpaca fibre is light, silky, delicate, resistant and possess unquestionable thermal qualities. Its thermal properties are due to microscopic air pocket In fact, … enable the body to breath, while isolating the later from heat or cold. The fibre comes in 24 natural shades, from black to white, going through various shades of  brown and beige.

The alpaca fibre was regarded by the Incas as the fibre of the Gods, a true treasure of nature. Only the Inca royalty had the right to wear alpaca fibre. For more the 3000 years, the Peruvians have mastered the art of spinning this wonderful fibre. Today, like 3000 years ago, Andean women are accustomed to spinning wool thanks to their “pushkas” (spinning-wheel) while watching over their flocks. The alpaca fibre is hand-selected and sorted by colour in the Peruvian Altiplano before being sent to the factories in the rest of the country.


  • The alpaca fibre is sustainable over time and the fibre’s resistance does not weaken with the density.
  • It is three times more resistant than sheep wool and seven times warmer
  • The alpaca fibre does not break, unravel or create static electricity and can easily be washed.

Thermal properties

  • The fibre … (description technique à chercher en anglais) enabling to create light items with outstanding thermal properties.
  • The alpaca wool is not inflatable if not in direct contact with fire

Sparkle and softness

  • The items manufactured with 100{08e3e708fc8f5a94328d66d7ed288f3a33295fbceda313021fb4776c4dc420b6} alpaca fibre possess a natural glow, giving them a beautiful visual appearance.

The touch of INNATA

  • Making use of the Andean ancestral “savoir-faire”
  • Unique items with consistent and modern design
  • Colours inspired by nature